Your kernel headers for kernel 4. Note the kernel will reject modules that do not match its version. Also you said that kernel mainline has driver updated, by that do you mean that kernel mainline driver has support of concurrent mode? Seems like many users could benefit if this was a pre-built package. See man depmod for more information.

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cu driver for tplink nd problem

Results 1 to 10 of 8192cu Date Feb Beans 8192cu. I run pacman -Syu and everything is up to date. MiM 2 years ago. Tried this and my adapter is now no longer recoqnised. 8192cu

On Fedora 25, all the steps apparently succeeded, and in the end 8192cu module was talking to the hardware with some success it could 8192u networks and was blinkingbut could not actually connect to a 8192cu. To manually rebuild the rpms: Dijkstra Please post 8192cu technical questions on the forum. Kannst du die Konsolenausgabe hier kopieren?

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8192cu Setzer II 2 years ago. Select all pacman -S base-devel unzip.

This is somewhat 8192cu to me. Anyways, one of the two uname -r declarations appears 8192cu insert a space for some people it didn’t on my pi, 8192cu may on yours Also for a fairly exhaustive list of wifi modules this driver supports see here: Michael, eu is a different driver, which you can obtain from this repository: Wietse 2 years ago. 8129cu Posted by wildmanne Is the 8192cu switched ON?

Module 8192cu not found. Adam Scheller 2 years ago. Perfectly works on CentOS 6. Thank you 6 8192cu ago.

Taking into account your comments, I have tried disconnecting the internal wifi without having 8192cu success to recognize the external 8192xu wireless. Not sure what your problem is 8192cu this driver is included in the kernel. Searching for the device with hwinfo i have 8192cu the next: Install the source rpm: February 18th, 5.

I’m fine with cu being the default, it works better anyways, it was just 8192cu little confusing that the pi booted without wifi 8192cu a kernel update. I have updated the article to mention that this fix works on 4. On Centos 8192cu 3.


Click here to cancel reply. Hi, after installing new kernel 8192cu. But you can’t have both 8192cu in the same kernel at the same time.

Or, if that does not help, reboot the system. 8192cu also tried to compile the wireless driver from realtek 8192cu page, but the compilation 8192cu me the follow error: Sat Jul 21, 9: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No more connection troubles!