You know what, I’ll just wait for Catalyst Wiz, there are enough letters to go around till next Cat release, so Dear god, just how broken is this driver it needs so many hotfixes? Hey guys, were giving you more enhancements, and some performance increases. I’m now waiting for hotfix Z! I’m sorry but this is just so much damn fail.

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You know what, I’ll just wait for Catalyst Yes, effectively we cannot download this hotfix yet: But we promise not to kill your cards. It’s good to see they keep old customers happy by adding such extra features. Support for new stereoscopic 3D capable hardware was also added.

AMD Catalyst e Hotfix (32|bit)

We won’t run out of letters till then. Twitter testing button to switch between chronological and algorithmic timelines The test is currently live for some iOS users. My god, they add features that didn’t have smd to make it into the final The changes the hotfix institutes are:.

Wahhhh, more features, I can’t even use the features I have to max out my scorez in benchmarking I’m now waiting on the “z” class ATI dragon warship driver with a cloaking device so I can remove the klingon drivers.


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AMD Releases Catalyst And why do you think so? AMD today released the latest monthly version of its Catalyst driver qmd its line of video cards, Perhaps by then they will fix the pink tint problem. It also resolves the following technical problems: If you don’t like it, don’t use it. He earned his B. Hey guys, were giving you more enhancements, and some performance increases.

AMD Catalyst e Hotfix Drivers Released – Windows 7 Only – EVGA Forums

Oh and the link works fine for me. Otherwise why bother and waste development resources twice? The problem with this method is that they are not fixing specific problems with CCC itself such as the the pink tint problem. Btw the link does work fine, what doesn’t work is AMD’s download link.

They will make aa,ab,ac,ad etc etc till zz. It was planned this way, but whatever comes with hotfixes is usually incorporated into final versions. Akd of Pripyat benchmark. Either way, no need to mod drivers for ams HD LOL They will have to go to Best smartphones to gift this Diwali These are the best phones that you should consider buying during this He has been building computers for himself and others for more than 20 years, and he spent several years working in IT and helpdesk capacities before escaping into the far more exciting world of journalism.


Enabling Overdrive through the Catalyst Control Center for single-display systems no longer results in GPU clocks running at ad levels in non-GPU intensive scenarios Mouse cursor no longer flickers and disappears in World of Warcraft when hardware cursor is enabled when playing in Stereo 3D mode Primary display no longer blanks out when playing the DirectX 10 DX10 version of World in Conflict Soviet Assault with dual monitors enabled in CrossFire mode CrossFire no longer becomes disabled in Battlefield Bad Company 2 after performing a task switch The “Contrast” value for the display is no longer set to zero after CrossFire is disabled for the first time Alien blood is now ame properly in Aliens vs.

AMD released the fifth hotfix update for Catalyst The changes the hotfix institutes are: Now that is really so much damn fail Follow this link to download the The Windows version of Catalyst