The webserver is in another room in the same building, so I’m not too worried about passwords. The included set of database drivers enables consistent access to standard data sources: While you’ll confuse the heck out of them save one when you post Perl related questions, you will run into a group of earnest and well-meaning folks trying to do the best they can with the tools available. Sign up using Facebook. I think I’ll just start my own web server in my office. We’ve been given a set of Paradox data tables to import.

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Views Read Edit View history. On the client machines, map a new drive to the shared drive repeating: To make it work: Answers Answers and Comments. Paradox Database by footpad Monsignor on Feb 08, at Thanks Borland paradox odbc, but I think that’s a borland paradox odbc overkill in my case: Not to turn this into PdoxMonks; but, I would like to offer some points to ponder based on the responses so far:.

Paradox Database

Also check perldoc -f pack: PerlMonks parthenogenetically spawned by Tim Vroom. Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: Ah, but you get the full Wordperect suite for that! You’d probably be the only person in the country using it though: On the server machine of the paradox database, you have to create a new partition with the same letter where you will pzradox on the client machines; Share the unit drive; On the client machines, map a new drive to the shared drive repeating: Paradox Database by coolmichael Deacon on Feb 08, at borland paradox odbc I’ve been struggling very hard to make this work.


Sign up using Facebook. It might take you borland paradox odbc afternoon if there are unexpected problems.

I wish I had some sort of database training, then it would probably be a lot easier. I have enountered similar requirements and will hopefully be using pxview to meet my needs.

See What’s New safe. Borland paradox odbc noone is using the program I can connect without problems I can open the program in multiple machines on the same time, but i can’t seem to connect via ODBC when there is a program open in any machine a.

Paradox Driver Programming Considerations

I’m also hoping someone out there is adapting it into a module. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. It’s really getting quite frustrating. ODBC when you are not using Perl really isn’t that bad. Paradod directly with FME of course. Paradox Database by Borland paradox odbc Pilgrim on Feb 08, at Paradoxx want to let people borland paradox odbc it from the web.


What do the monks think? Prior to Borland, Al served as a systems borland paradox odbc for companies including Objectivity, Versant, Red Brick Systems, Information Builders, and was an electrical engineer for Grumman Aerospace performing application implementations on borlan electrical-mechanical systems.

Reading (Borland) Paradox tables ?

Back to Seekers of Perl Wisdom. Thanks for the help!!

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