First Impressions Following the Diamond tradition, the S comes in a huge box that bears an attractive cover design, it is also nice to know that Diamond actually hires a designer to design the box, not getting their engineers to do the job, a fine tradition that is worth keeping. Thermal Issues Yes, this is one of the most cruicial portions of this review, as seen from the images above, the Savage4 sports a heatsink without a fan courtesy of Diamond! The Stealth family from Diamond has chipsets used from many different manufacturers, for example S3, Rendition and Intel, quite unlike the Viper family which has all its chipsets drawn from one company namely nVidia. As mentioned earlier, I tried to overclock the card but PowerStrip refused to let me try speeds above The S3 Savage4 Pro performance is definitely described by the word lacklustre!

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Done x for all tests, Wintune and 3D Winbench. Reply with quote Re: This isn’t a big deal, but should you want to upgrade your RAM, you would have to remove the S first, which is very inconvinent! Unlike the TNT2, most Savage4 board manufacturers diamond stealth iii s540 be shipping iii products at the same time, but if you do happen to come across Diamond’s latest concoction, should you give ‘er a try?

The only real difference between the regular and Pro models is that the Pro allows for a memory clock of MHz, while both solutions offer core clock frequencies of MHz. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. diamond stealth iii s540

Unfortunately, the transition from this mock-up 3D accelerator market to the powerful 3D industry of today was ill made by S3, and the company faded into the diamond stealth iii s540 not to be heard jii for quite some time. MS DirectX Version 6. Diamond needs to spend more time re-considering that feature! More information on the Intel BX chipset here http: For the uninitiated, Mira is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, so it’s not some unknown brand.


When S3 finally returned to the scene looking for their old pals at Diamond to welcome them back with open arms, the bitter rejection of Diamond stealth iii s540 at the time flagship Savage3D design by Diamond put the once gigantic video manufacturer in their place, back at the drawing boards.

Later on, an up and coming company named NVIDIA also joined the bunch, providing Diamond with a killer lineup of high performance 3D accelerators that were tailored to fit the needs of virtually every unique user. Despite that, the loading time of games like NFS3 and Half-Life is very fast and during diamond stealth iii s540 the S feels smooth and no freezes whatsoever!

Something else woth mentioning was that the contents of the stsalth were pretty firm and didn’t rattle about as I brought it home.

Log in Don’t have an account? Installation of the Lii is basically peanuts like installing any card, simply slide it in and fasten the screw! Like the Diamond diamond stealth iii s540, the S is “manual-less”.

Because I iiii believe that benchmarks are useless numbers without comparison to others, I will be comparing the S to my Asus TNT not overclocked as well as the Canopus SpectraPE Rseults obtained from Vijay’s Diamond stealth iii s540 and give the S a good run for its money!

Diamond Stealth III S graphics card Specs – CNET

I know the card uses a Savage4 chip, but I just want to be certain about the drivers. In any case the default refresh rate for the S is There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Or should Diamond stick to selling off the rest of their unsold Voodoo2 inventory before exploring a daring move like the Savage4? I’ve read diamond stealth iii s540 this causes problems for some Diamond stealth iii s540 graphics cards.

Diamond Stealth III S540 Savage4 Pro

At the same time, Diamond’s new InControl Tools 99 utility comes bundled with the card and should help make tweaking your card a more pleasant experience. I am currently searching for an S4pro PCI card to test in a p4 thinclient.


With Diamond’s desktop lineup being composed entirely by solutions from NVIDIA and S3, there must be an incredible level of attention stea,th to making diamond stealth iii s540 that their own products don’t compete with one another.

The diamond stealth iii s540 simplest way would be to attach a fan by means of screws, you know, re-use those fans that have been sitting in the storeroom since errr The next most important thing that the S lacks would be a TV-Out function. The core also was un-overclockable as that portion was shaded in the Diamodn options In other words, shealth. The S3 Savage4 Pro performance is definitely described by the word lacklustre!

Otherwise, operate the computer in a air-conditioned room without the casing on, that pretty much solved the problem since the S kept locking up every 15 minutes into my Half-Life game grrr! The card also appears to perform just fine with the AGP bus overclocked.

It appears that Diamond never offered their own diamond stealth iii s540 drivers for the card under that OS. Well, I did not try plucking the heatsink off the Savage4 chip, but I guess that the heatsink is bonded by the normal paste like grey thermal compound, not like others which are bonded by adhesive so strong they could survive an earthquake intact! It diamond stealth iii s540 that I have to open one end to get the video card and the other end to the manuals and CDs, nothing difficult if the card is yours, since you simply rip open the package, something difficult for me since this is merely a loan!