Plain as day with bit Soundscape S was Ensoniq ‘s first direct foray into the PC sound card market. At the time Soundscape arrived, most games supported General MIDI output, offering high-quality music support for users who purchased the card and reducing the need for said OPL-3 synthesis chip. You’re perfect, yes it’s true As it turned out, writing the custom firmware was the easier part, even for someone with approximately zero knowledge of assembler. Apparently the chip lacks sample rate conversion.

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Dumping Ensoniq Soundscape ROMs

The byte swapping is probably done in hardware to make it easier to transfer 16 bit data between the x86 architecture in a PC and the 68k architecture on the sound card. Thanks to swaaye or anyone else for any help! The S is a bit sound card with an onboard synthesizer and instrument ROM. I posted the following on the QuestStudios forum a while back: Leisure Suit Larry 7 is included because I wanted to include a digital only recording.

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Method A is crude but effective—very simple but potentially destroys the card. In these operating systems, programs accessed the sound card through its dod, allowing full hardware support without the need for the software developer to support the card directly.


One advantage compared to competitors was that the card did not require TSRs [1]minimizing its conventional memory ensonqi. Cons MT emulation is hit or miss. Ensoniq looked at their costly Soundscape cards and saw how they needed to change things to make more money.

The wavetable sounds pretty good for a start and I get the impression that this card is also useful to drive an external unit such as an MT32 which I do have but to be honest never used? Merry Ensoniq Christmas to all!

The sound quality is nowhere near as good as a soundsczpe device such as a Roland Sound Canvas, but it does OK when compared to some of the other lower cost alternatives such as the AWE64 Value. Emulating FM synthesis through software was too demanding for the CPUs of the time typically anand so Ensoniq wrapped most of the FM synthesis commands to the card’s sample-based synthesis engine, meaning that FM music did not sound correct because it was composed with FM synthesis in mind, not real instruments.

FM support is handled through emulation.

February 15, at 6: The reasoning behind using emulation instead of real hardware was cost and demand. This card replaced the Opus card as an OEM favorite and was available at retail. If all else fails, install a Windows driver package and tell us what it sets up in sndscape. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? It doesn’t matter that the quality of most of its capabilities isn’t good.


Ensoniq Soundscape S-2000

Thanks so much for these files – I really forgot how good the GM output of this card really is! General MIDI is the card’s “native” mode and works well.

Now for the host part. PnP is not supported.

Ensoniq Soundscape S – Wikipedia

It works well with other cards, I installed it alongside a PAS16 with no issues. The working implementation uses a very simple approach: September 2, at souundscape August 6, at But chances are someone here as Windows and dks run it for you PS: The ES is not AC97 compatible and is actually natively Adlib and MT compatible From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

COx it should upload. Works on Windows 9x as well.