Once removed you are faced with the CPU and a 50mm thermally controlled fan. The Winbond W83LAR is the system’s hardware monitoring chip which measures the temperature of the area around the CPU as well as the temperature of the voltage regulators. The middle of the motherboard was also home to a set of tiny dip switches. This chip accompanies the ‘s integrated video and drives the i-Buddie 4’s s-video out jack that is found on the back of the system. ECS i-Buddie 4 notebook.

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However, times are a-changing and we now have an upgradable notebook in our hands. Since ahdio size of the unit is rather large for a portable unit, a 15″ screen is not such a tall order to fill. While today, it costs you a near fortune to get a good laptop with a 15″ screen, ECS have added such a monster to the I-Buddie 4 without raising the price too much.

Find other tech and guddie products like this over at Amazon’s website. This chip accompanies the ‘s integrated video and drives the i-Buddie 4’s s-video out jack that is found on the back of the system. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s buuddie. The SiS southbridge is mounted on the top side of the i-Buddie 4’s motherboard. The keys were light and very responsive, so it only requires a feather touch.

While being very responsive, they do tend to make a loud ubddie sound, so when using it, you tend to draw attention to yourself. Likely for size and cooling reasons, the i-Buddie 4 uses a notebook hard drive. As we mentioned before, the i-Buddie 4 contains no battery. The design of the unit is a heatpipe technology.


The unit has just about every port you will need for connecting your devices to it.

ECS i-Buddie 4 Pentium 4 1. This chip serves as the firewire controller for the i-Buddie 4. The quality of the graphics places out is outstanding and fully what you would expect from a laptop style display.

The drive spins at RPM and has a 12ms access time. Removing the heatpipe is very simple, four screws holds the unit onto the CPU for effective cooling.

Incorporates with four USB 2.

buddue Click to Enlarge As we mentioned before, the i-Buddie 4 contains no battery. Windows access keys are included like a normal desktop keyboard as well as laptop specific keys that control the onboard speakers sound level, screen brightness and which video source the image is displayed to TV or LCD or both.

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Introduction We often wonder how nice it would be if we could actually have control over the type of hardware we want on a notebook. The switches were mounted below the BIOS chip but we are not sure what they are used for. Though interchangeable, they aren’t hot swappable like most laptops. While PS2 ports and COM ports are missing, you hardly need them in this day and age with laptops – everything you need is Firewire or USB, and both are provided onboard.


ECS i-Buddie 4 Pentium 4 1.6GHz

Find other tech and k products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. As for DVD’s, no worries, the onboard codec handles them easily. Since it uses basic desktop parts, the i-Buddie 4 can be upgraded to the same level of performance as your desktop. Located at the bottom of the unit is a large, thin flap held down with a single screw.

ECS I-Buddie 4 Desknote Review

The installation of the memory is just as simple if not more-so as the CPU installation. Although the specs suggest that the battery is quite powerful, we can not be sure how long it would power the desktop based i-Buddie 4.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The chip is mounted on the left side of the motherboard. The I-Buddie is no slouch when it comes to connectivity.

One of the best parts of the I-Buddie 4 is its screen. The hard drive in our i-Buddie 4 was a