On the other hand, it’s even better since a user has more time to finish all operations. This review starts a new cycle dedicated to new products from iRiver. I hope new firmware versions will let us use Ogg Vorbis or MP3Pro formats which are so popular these days. The record formats can vary: Roman Shelepov srl ixbt. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: You can listen to files recorded and delete those you don’t need.

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Iriver ifp-380t all recording units in this model, the dictaphone works via the integrated Mp3 coder, and it could become professional thanks to a wide range of recording parameters.

The iriver ifp-380t interface is user-friendly indeed. Dictaphone Record quality of the dictaphone suffices for unprofessional use since the mic’s irivwr is not very high. I couldn’t find much difference between two files. Make sure that the player has enough free memory to temporarily save this file. I tried to record several compositions and even one radio play – although the quality much depends on reception, it iiriver generally good enough.

A mic is located closer to the stern. More items related iriver ifp-380t this product.

iriver ifp-380t In general, the sound quality is very good, no distortions or bugs were noticed. I think you would have the same desire after watching, for example, this advertizing clip 5Mb.


Flash drive Iriver ifp-380t player irivef iriver ifp-380t other types of files as well, but it’s not very convenient to use it as a flash drive because the player works only through its manager, and you have to have the CD with the distributive and drivers always with you.

I think that the holster is more suitable than a neck strap just because it looks more advantageous and because many wear cell phones on the neck. The navigation system is inherited from the iFP player. It can be enough iriver ifp-380t get to the work and maybe back. Unfortunately, it’s possible to handle the player’s memory only via its own manager.

iRiver iFPT Specs – CNET

MP3 Ifp-380h iRiver Clix. This review starts a new cycle dedicated to new products from iRiver. The player supports all types of MP3 files. iriver ifp-380t

A tag can be 60 symbols at most. But if you, for example, carry files only from home to iriver ifp-380t and back, the player can iriver ifp-380t easily used as a flash drive.

Line-In Recording of audio files with on-the-fly conversion into MP3 is not a new idea.

After installation of the manager you iriver ifp-380t to connect the player to a USB port. In our lab we tested the iFPT model.

But I had to test what the player offered. Design The ship-like design is very attractive. The manager and the player will then warn you that you shouldn’t handle the player until it completes the procedure. When player switches to the record mode you will hear a iriver ifp-380t coming to the Line-In so that you can control the recording itp-380t the signal level. The line consists of three models that differ in accessories and in memory size: You can use them most iriver ifp-380t only in the city since you will need a iriver ifp-380t to rewrite the memory contents and because extra memory cards are not supported.


iRiver iFP-380T – digital player

Unfortunately, not all character sets are supported. At the time I wasn’t really into MP3’s and didn’t actually open it until iriver ifp-380t Show More Show Less. Its menu of settings has a irover structure which starts ramifying from the main menu. That was October of and my SanDisk has tak en a better punch than i thought, and now i can buy back the iriver,i still prefer that sound, look and user quality of the Iriver i once had when Katrina iriiver my personal things away from me. Accessories I think that the box doesn’t iriver ifp-380t the player’s design at all.