Note that some signals are redefined depending on theport’s operational mode. This function will return the system ID in the BX register. Storage Storage Controllers , Storage Solutions. Page 23 System Overview2. Page 52 System Support4. A block diagram of the audiosubsystem is shown in Figure

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Page 43 System Support4.

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Page 79 7Power and Signal Distribution7. Use Setup to enter a valid number. Page 75 Integrated Graphics Subsystem6.

Website Email For additional product details or to request a product demo, contact the vendor directly. The parallel interface supports bi-directional 8-bit parallel data transfers with a peripheraldevice.

Invalid Electronic SerialNumberElectronic serial number has become corrupted. All systems covered in this guide include the following key components: Page 90 Power and Signal Distributionwww. Page 23 System Overview2.

Page 24 System Overview2.

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The GMA operates off the internal PCIe x16 bus andcan directly drive an external, analog multi-scan monitor and a DisplayPort-compatible digitalmonitor simultaneously.


Page 71 6Integrated Graphics Subsystem6. This function will return the system ID in the BX register. These systems provide the following interfaces for internal storage devices: A target is a device thatis the recipient of a transaction. This informatio n may be used by engineers, technicians. A bus master is a device that hasbeen granted control of the bus for the purpose of initiating a transaction.

KPAV, HP Compaq dc Base Model Small Form Factor PC

Page 74 Integrated Graphics Subsystem6. Unless otherwise indicated, components areused on all system boards. The fans are controlled to run at the slowest quietest speed that will maintainproper cooling. Your nftwork will begin in a moment. System SupportLevel 0—Cover removal indication is essentially netwlrk at this level. Page 18 System Overview2. Thesefunctions are provided by a combination of hardware, firmware BIOS and software.

Security to protect your IT assets: Page 80 Power and Signal DistributionTable lists the specifications of the external supply.

Page Error Messages and CodesA. Function 51h retrieves a specific structure. This documentdescribes in detail the system’s design and operation for programmers, engineers, technicians,and system administrators, as well as end-users wanting detailed information.

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A minimum of 15 months of platform purchase stability enables customers to conduct long-range transition planning and maintain a consistent work environment which helps minimize IT support costs.

Page 40 System SupportLink LayerThe link layer provides data integrity by adding a sequence information prefix and a CRC suffixto the packet created by the transaction layer.

This document provides information on the design, archite cture, function. Table liststhe key features of the integrated graphics subsystem.

AError Messages and CodesA. See support forum for more information Features Latest technology: