With a gaps of about three millimeters between the single keys, which can be very beneficial for especially compact keyboards, typos are to be reduced. This also applies to the idle mode with maximum display brightness, where the MSI Wind U consumes a maximum of 9. Whilst reflections are kept within limits indoors due to the good brightness, they quickly turn into anguish when the netbook is used outdoors. So, the reason can actually only be found in the power consumption. The case has been dipped completely in high-gloss , with exception of the base tray, and all plastic components in the wrist-rest area will from now on be designed chaste and without any structure.

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The big difference in regards to power consumption msi u135 vga battery life in comparison to the allegedly identical Asus p. The keys have a comparatively short stroke length and a very distinct pressure point.

The evidently ever-increasing fashion of chiclet design for the keyboard is also very striking. WLAN are fault that can be repaired by disabling or updating it. This reduces the necessary msi u135 vga inclination adjustments to a minimum.

MSI U135DX Netbook Windows XP, Windows 7 Drivers, Applications, Manuals

MSI builds in two little squeakers on the base unit’s bottom left and right front corner. You get the usual Wind fare that correlates to the positioning in the netbook sector in terms of connectivity. The netbook is allegedly available for starting at euro. No need to bring along heavy msi u135 vga supply units and look all over for outlets, the Wind U offers 7.


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If a UMTS version of the netbook will be available is still unknown. On the one side, a matt display for better netbook ergonomics outdoors and on the other, a fan control update. The Asus p is much more capable of this and stays quiet with a bit over 30 dB A in idle vgq. In particular, the ugly-to-look-at fingerprints that quickly multiply msi u135 vga on the surfaces will turn into a problem.

msi u135 vga

There haven’t been any big changes msi u135 vga comparison to the Wind U’s case. The user can also expect the common standards as communication modules with wireless LAN A few degrees more of case temperature would have been better than an always existent fan noise.

Even image deviations can only be provoked with an unusually high pressure on the display lid. It vta only be twisted with difficulty, which allows for a picking up of the netbook at its display edge without problems. S and other countries Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country.

Changes in fan control can be made, as experience shows, via msi u135 vga simple driver update and is therefore possible msi u135 vga sales launch and also afterwards. Overall, an immense savings advantage remains anyway. If appropriate external speakers are attached activethen at least a reasonable music enjoyment should be within the realms of possibility. A considerably lower battery life in all mai is msi u135 vga when comparing the achieved results with those of the Asus Eee p, and that at an almost equal battery capacity p: The range complies with the netbook standard.

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Our verdict about this turns out very feeble. Simple office applications, internet and mail.

The waste air barely has a temperature worth mentioning. The Wind U is one of them and positions itself primarily in the msl starter field.

Verdict “The best design offers ultimate ease and joy. It’s necessary to remark the good case stability as well as the very pleasant to use keyboard. To us, every product is a step closer to perfection. The other extreme, that is msi u135 vga say the minimum possible battery life under load max. A msi u135 vga immediate opponent in terms of both looks and configuration, as well as the price: Furthermore, there is glare type display that principally shows respectable assessment data, but is at a disadvantage in adverse light conditions in comparison to displays with a matt surface.