The range complies with the netbook standard. Our prototype reaches an equally satisfactory battery runtime of minutes here. Out of the box the U was missing any sort of touchpad software–including on the restore partition–greatly reducing the features. Even image deviations can only be provoked with an unusually high pressure on the display lid. This may not be a huge factor for those on tight budgets but something to consider. On the one side, a matt display for better netbook ergonomics outdoors and on the other, a fan control update.

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MSI builds in a 1. The Wind U is an excellent machine which ticks all the right boxes and excels when it comes to portability. Please share our article, every link counts! The screen subjectively makes a grxphics impression even at rendering pictures. The Asus is much lower with 4.

PC Mag Netbook manufacturers are finding it hard to offer netbooks with the kind of top-of-the-line components and features vta see in its laptop brethren, especially when they’re constrained by price.

MSI U – External Reviews

Aside from our prototype’s black design, there will allegedly also be a white, a blue and red outfit offered internationally. As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representationyou can also take delight in an unusually large stable viewing area on the vertical plane. The tablet is poised to take off this year according to some, and while an on-screen keyboard definitely isn’t ideal, neither is a cramped one that’s shoved into the frame of a 10″ netbook.


Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: Mwi was a very evident blurriness especially in texts; pictures and videos were still just alright. This is, to a part, especially very annoying during the netbook’s mobile use on the lap.

It’s necessary to remark the good case stability as well as the very pleasant to use keyboard. Viewing angles are average with the vertical viewing range spanning degrees forward or back before colors started to invert. In addition, there is the risk of permanent traces, such as fine scratches due to frequent netbook packing and unpacking. Please, switch off ad blockers.

The display could make an overall positive impression in the technical measurements. The end result is a laggy touchpad with no scrolling or multi-touch capability. Please share our article, every link counts!

We show braphics least amount of ads whenever possible. Before you splash out, however, check out the similarly specified and priced Dell Miniwhich sports a higher-resolution screen. Of course, in the first test of the new Intel range with the sounding name ” Pine Trail ” in Asus Eee PC pthe big question was to be answered: Computing MSI’s Wind U is a middle-of-the-road notebook encompassing the latest technology from Intel in a stylish design. In our opinion, it would be very sensible to basically decrease the volume at the disolay of a few degrees more case temperature.


Comparing both models side-by-side the U feels more solid and attached to the frame, whereas the keyboard on the PE bounces slightly.

It isn’t obtrusive with PC Authority The MSI U is one of the cheapest options here, so if the screen, camera or card reader appeal it’s still worth considering.

Even image deviations can only be provoked with an unusually high pressure on the display lid. The case has been dipped completely in high-glosswith exception of the base tray, and all dispaly components in the wrist-rest area will from now on be designed chaste and without any structure. The MSI Wind U seems not to be able to translate this, as it can be observed, and above all heard, mi the fan runs permanently even without load.

Aside from that, we only noticed one further peculiarity: The base unit makes a very solid impression and isn’t impressed by selective pressure. The MSI U doesn’t miss a trick in terms of stability. The integrated graphics is sufficient to display image only, while gaming and HD playback are way out dixplay its league. A few degrees more of case temperature would have been better than an always existent fan noise.