In our experience, clamshell holders of this sort are often awkward to use with curled negatives, but we had no problem with the Nikon version. Once you’ve made all your adjustments, select the images you want to scan by doing a control left-click in Windows, or a command-click with the Mac on the corresponding thumbnails. Documentation for the Super Coolscan ED is quite extensive and, to the best of our recollection, a good bit more convenient than that of the LS Having more bits does you no good, if you’re just digitizing noise from the sensor and electronics. The proof is in the pictures. Preview scans took seconds, full-resolution scans required about seconds to create a 67MB! It also determines whether an autofocus operation should be performed whenever the focus point is changed.

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Although spuer couldn’t push the gain quite as far as we did on the LS, it’s possible that the gain control on the Super Coolscan ED simply has a greater range, or that the ‘s electronics are more sensitive.

It’s basically a passive chunk of plastic that plugs into the nikon super coolscan 4000 ed aperture, with a slot to manually push the slide into, and a button that manually ejects the slide when you’re done.

Still, even allowing for the limitations of the test, the results are supee impressive. If you find scans running excessively slow, or the scanning software requiring massive amounts of memory, try turning the color management system off.

Nikon Super Coolscan ED Film Scanner B&H Photo Video

It features a 3,pixel monochrome linear CCD that scans an area nikon super coolscan 4000 ed Thus, sliding the gamma control to the right will darken the image, while sliding it to the left will brighten it.

With dpi true optical-resolution scanning, the machine captures the physical images with vivid accuracy. In one simple push of a button, Digital ICE3 eliminates all surface defects, yields uncompromising color fidelity, corrects under and over exposed images and automatically reduces the grain of a scanned image.


Stay with us, we’ll try to fit it all in! We venture to say that the Super Coolscan ED is nikon super coolscan 4000 ed of extracting useful scans from slides that other scanners would be completely incapable of handling.

It will be most useful on film or slides that are dark overall. Hopefully this will be fixed with a software patch in the near future. About this product Product Information Bring your slide collection from the physical to the digital world with the Nikon Super CoolScana capable solution nikon super coolscan 4000 ed archiving and sharing your film images.

A few minutes later, the scanner would be ready for the next strip of film. Here’s a chart, showing both Nikon’s timings and ours, for a variety of scan conditions: While it appears to work fine with modern plastic slide mounts, there are apparently significant nikon super coolscan 4000 ed with older cardboard mounts. The main control panel contains six named buttons.

This feature can be very nikin for working with images that have color casts or unusual lighting.

The Single Scan window governs these settings when you scan images one at a time. A point will be added wherever you click, and the curve nikon super coolscan 4000 ed to pass through the new point. Here are their functions: Finally, Nikon Scan provides eyedropper controls for setting white, gray, and black points directly from the preview image. We found that nikob individual red, green, and blue sliders added to the effect of the main, or overall, gain slider. We’d put it at somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes per scan for fairly normal film.

Color Management – The Super Coolscan ED supports a very sophisticated “color management” system, allowing nikon super coolscan 4000 ed to be calibrated to different display or output devices. It displays the tonal content of the image in a histogram window, with the graph indicating how many pixels in the image have each brightness value.


Users have the ability to scan uncut film rolls up to 40 frames with the optional SA adapter and up to 50 slides unattended with the SFS auto-slide feeder. Finally, our overall observation coolsxan Nikon Scan 3 is that it’s exceptionally powerful, but can also require a fair bit of patience to use to its fullest.

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Information This is more info that used to appear in the main scanning window. The adapter consists of two parts, the feeder mechanism which looks a lot like the SA strip film adapter and a large circular magazine that attaches to the back of the scanner, allowing the roll of film to curl around its inside.

Ragged edges or torn film perforations will also cause nikon super coolscan 4000 ed. Coolzcan is a fairly fine-grained emulsion, and the image itself has to be at least one generation down from whatever the original image was.

We’ll talk more about the Nikon Scan software below, but two facts deserve mention at the outset: Its speed, color accuracy, and flexibility make it a worthy companion when bringing old formats into digital, shareable forms. The software chooses an input profile based on the scanner model it detects, uses the one of the offered color spaces as the “edit” profile, and allows you to specify a monitor profile for accurate screen display.

Both of nikon super coolscan 4000 ed images were scanned on a Mac, with the sRGB color space chosen.